Cornerstone Youth Ministries Leadership

Cornerstone Youth Ministries demonstrates the love of God
by serving the youth and families in our community.

Read more about our leadership team below.

Meet The Leadership Team

Pastor Steve Turrell – Executive Director

Les Surface – President

Eric Phenix – Vice President

Joe Geenen – Treasurer

Bob Kornstadt – Secretary

Ben Kronemeyer – Trustee

Taylor Deroo – Trustee

Pastor Steve Turrell is our Director and only staff member (part time). God has uniquely qualified and blessed him to be in this very challenging and very rewarding position as he oversees the  many inner city youth from diverse backgrounds.

A letter from the pastor:

I struggled very much as a youth. You name it, I did it. However, at age 24 I attended a large event in Indiana where the gospel was preached. I do not remember the speakers name but I remember that I went forward in response to a tug that I felt in my heart from God. I turned my life over fully to Jesus Christ on that day and have been called and serving in the ministry ever since. After this event, I moved with my wife to Colorado Springs, Colorado to attend Bible College. During the six-year span from 1994-1999 I worked full-time, finished classes and had 3 kids (with my wife of course).

Just one short year after being here God intensely affirmed our calling to this area. We prayed about it and agreed.

Although I am the part time director and being the provider of a family of five we rely on the supernatural grace of God to make it day to day. (God has done so graciously and we praise him for that). Moreover, without support from you, the ministry for at risk youth in the core-city of Holland suffers greatly.

Given the recent economic times, the neighborhood of Cornerstone Youth Ministries fulfills, and a recent reemergence of troubled youth are, unfortunately, growing in numbers. In this immediate area, Cornerstone Youth Ministries offers Christian based programming. With God’s help Cornerstone Youth Ministries is changing the lives of at- risk, struggling youth into fully committed followers of Jesus Christ.

Because of the limited support the Cornerstone Youth Ministries receives in comparison to other organizations and ministries in the area, I am very concerned about its future and more importantly the future of our community.

Please strongly consider the publicity of my life, the ministry God has called me to and discern how God will use you to support Cornerstone Youth Ministries. Most of all, and more important than any funding, we earnestly seek your prayers and would like to pray for your needs as well.